10m Hoist Motor Cable Sets

10m 4 Pin Cee Form Chain Hoist Motor Cable Looms

So what is in the boxes to be unwrapped? Well it's not Christmas just yet 😉 but it is a milestone as a company we are very proud of. 100 x 10m Power and Control Cee Form Cable Extensions for use with Electric Chain Hoists, part of an order for 400 sets supplied back in May to a valued client. All 400 cable sets were assembled and tested in house in two weeks, we've come a long way in developing our production capability over the last few months! For all your Cee Form Hoist Extension Cabling requirements (either to suit Low Voltage Controlled Hoists or Direct Control Hoists) please contact our sales team : sales@giraffecontrolsltd.com #events #eventsprofs #stages #hoists